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galenIf you’re looking to build a dating site that offers a meet and fuck free experience, you might be thinking that you need a ton of cash. I beg to differ. While there is no shortage of scam artists and scumbags trying to trick you into parting with your hard earned dollars for their amazing “program,” you might want to hang on to your wallet.

You see, I’s not so much the funding that would make or break your business. Instead, what would make or break it is the technology behind it.

I know it’s very tempting to just use open source or commercially available meet and fuck free dating software, but the problem with that solution is that your website would look exactly like all the other websites that use that platform. That’s right, it would look like a cookie cutter, one size fits all website.

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So do yourself a big favor and stop focusing on the funding, and focus more on the user experience. Now, this might mean that you would have to start slow and low, but that’s okay. That’s a small price to pay for ultimate success later on.

You have to wrap your mind around this central concept: success at this type of business involves individualization. If you’re able to provide a customized, individualized experience, then you have a tremendous competitive advantage.

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